Value Added Tax or Goods and Services Tax (GST), is levied in every stage of the distribution chain, and impacts every possible transaction be it sales of goods, imports, supplies and purchases of services or licenses. Although the tax burden is on the final customer, the compliance risks (and penalties!) are for the businesses in the supply chain.

Because the impact of VAT for a typical multinational business may be up to 40% of their gross non-U.S. sales, day-to-day VAT management is a key driver for streamlining overseas distribution and supply chains. Even if you trade without overseas establishments, VAT is still an important part of your operations.

At US VAT Inc. we provide world-wide practical and tactical support to U.S. companies that either embark on their first ventures outside of the U.S. - as well as on more established businesses that require help in either developing a VAT and Customs strategy or review their operations for efficient VAT accounting.

Our clients rely on our strong track-record of almost 20 years of global VAT consulting experience, the last 10 years based in NYC. We support a broad array of companies in all industries and geographies, and utilize a vast global network of local VAT and Customs practitioners that provide in-country, hands-on support.