One of the most important drivers of building a VAT business in the U.S. is the ability to draw from local resources. These relationships are crucial, because they provide my clients with piece of mind on the clarity, language and exceptional quality of the local advice provided, with having appropriate consideration to not only the local written laws, but also the local and industry practices, based on a trusted relationship, at a competitive rate.

Over 20 years of practicing VAT and Customs, I have built a significant network of key collaborators. Now working indepedently, I am in the position to hand-pick my relationships to provide my clients with unparalleled global service.
Mostly I rely on relationships outside the Big 4 firms. Also I can refer to VAT experts that are specializing in specific industries, for example the oil and gas industry or financial services.

AllVAT (Raymond Feen) in the Netherlands and LightHouse, the Paris-based law firm of my former colleague Renaud Roquebert, are examples of dedicated VAT experts in my expanding network.

Both Raymond and Renaud have extensive U.S. experience, are fluent in English and understand the global VAT and Customs issues that U.S. multinationals face.

My global relationships are not limited to VAT and Customs contacts.
Because VAT often interacts with customs, transfer pricing, withholding tax
and income taxes,
I am working closely with these experts as well.

Specifically for improving my clients' VAT related cash-flow, I proudly partner with Seattle-based
Corporate VAT Management (
I have been working with this group of data analysis experts over the past 6 years or so, and I would heartily recommend them. Through a tried and tested, data-driven approach, they review your accounts payable and travel & entertainment costs for potential VAT reclaims.