VAT and customs are key drivers for successful business operations overseas. There are plenty companies that found themselves in dire straits for neglecting their transaction tax position for example business development plans failed and officers were put on the spot (often in newspapers' headlines) for mismanagement.

A company-wide transaction tax strategy is needed to bring together the salesforce, the business development, logistics, legal teams and the tax department, to understand the VAT and customs impact and purchases and sales, improve efficiency and prevent assessments and penalties.

US VAT, Inc. focuses on the transaction tax needs of U.S. based multinational corporations, providing not only VAT training and reviews, but also practical and tactical, business-centred consulting services.
We are well placed to help you with your overseas VAT and Customs filings, manage your global transaction tax footprint and support tax implementations in your accounting system.
Based in midtown New York, we can be reached without time-zone constraints, and are readily available to meet you anywhere in the U.S. on short notice. Where we can, we will make efficient use of phone, email and videoconferencing to meet with you online.